Monday 6 February 2012

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!
It's my favourite kind of winter weather at the moment. If you have to have winter, you may as well have it like this...crisp snow, blue skies...just perfect.

2 bits of news this week are...

1. A new Etsy shop!
2. A new product!

First up, my new shop...Blueberry Park Sample something I've been meaning to do for ages. I gather a lot of samples from one thing and another. Whether it's from trying out a new design or making up things that don't go with "a range", I have a lot of pieces that don't fit.
In an attempt to keep my original Etsy shop more cohesive I needed another place to sell all these one offs.
The good news is these will all be at a great discount! I've started to load up some pieces (well, two) but watch out over the next few days (I hope) for lots of one offs at brilliant prices!

As for number 2 and a new product...
Whilst screen printing today I thought perhaps peeps might like my Euro design as a fabric patch to use in whatever project you like...add to a tote, a quilt, cushion...I don't need to tell you what you can use a patch for, but I thought they were a cute little purchase for adding a little something. Anyway they are right here, in green cross hatch and navy/grey squares.

Whilst printing up these patches a happy accident occurred...

I was using an old piece of newsprint to test the Euro screen and I don't know about you but I am pretty excited by the result!
These aren't great pics because, as I say, this was just testing the screen, but I like the effect.
Do you?

Now at some point I will be trying out a 2 colour screen and I think this will be high up in the queue. What do you reckon? What colours would you like to see together?

A good start to the week for and general's to it continuing for a whole week long ;-)


Unknown said...

Came out perfect! But for me red and blue (dark blue french navy) would look fab fab fab. Kx

Nicky said...

Great idea Karen! Have actually started snipping into your fabrics now - just little bits - but working with them is fun and rewarding!