Thursday 26 February 2009

Tweet tweet

I while ago I found this fab bird pattern from Spool Sewing. I collect patterns along the way and in an occasional (spare) moment when I have a few minutes to try something new, out they come.

I was drawn to this particular pattern because it's one of those really satisfying ones - small enough to get quick results. Also Laura had photographed her creations so enticingly that it really makes you feel you can easily achieve it too.

I'm obviously hoping to get as far as a whole flock, large enough to make a mobile. But in the meantime we have 2 little lovebirds, sitting sweetly on the windowsill, wondering what it would be like to be free out there.


Francesca said...

Those two lovebirds look too cozy on your windowsill to want to fly away, but I'm sure they'll be even happier when you make them a family!

Anonymous said...

they are really sweet. i like the length of them ... they sit upight like budgies. it seems that once you make one you will not want to stop.x