Sunday 15 February 2009


I've had another little splurge of fabric purchasing of late. You could call it an addiction. You'd be right. But we all know it isn't too frivolous as it will all be used - eventually.

These first few were my purchases whilst in London in January. John Lewis is brilliant for fabric buying. Not only do they have an amazing selection (queue Cath Kidston and Amy Butler fabrics below) but with a minimum cut of just 10cm, it is just far too tempting to not get a little of this and a little of that.

Then on to Designer's Guild. Their fabrics aren't suitable for everything, with their overbold oversized prints. (They'd be rediculous for my cards for one). But in the bargain bucket for £5 a metre, I'm sure i'll think of something.

I've just taken advantage of ordering whatever I fancied from a couple of favourite US based fabric suppliers, without the worry of incurring steep import taxes. My aunt, who lives in Connecticut has just been over for a visit and kindly brought a couple of stashes with her. (She's over again in June - think I might be needing more by then...)

This first selection is from Reprodepot, which, as we all know, has the most awesome array.

An indication that I'd obviously ordered far more than I needed to, is that they threw in this bundle of cutoffs free. Lucky me :-).

My final pile came from Cia's Palette. Cia has the most amazing selection - in the sense that EVERTHING in her store is beautiful and covetable. With this in mind, I think I was extremely restraint.

I think it would be pretty fair to say. I don't need any more fabric. But does NEED come into it?


Kristy said...

Fabric is so addictive!
I just ordered a heap of Erin Michael's Lush from a very nice seller whos's going to help me dodge customs!
I love those Denise Schmidt fabrics! Is the spotty one a flannel? I got some but can't remember the details and fancy some more!

Unknown said...

Now you do realise that with all these fabrics, we expect lots of items to be made and you'll have to show them off - soon.

You'd better get cracking - we're an impatient lot!! Good luck with your makes.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Oh that is just such a pretty stash of fabric. For some people it's shoes and for others fabric...sadly for me it's shoes AND fabric!

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

me too, Beth...have you seen my next post?! x

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Wowser dude! That's a lot of fabric. Can't wait to see what it becomes....xx