Wednesday 4 February 2009

Better late than never

I'm a little behind on blogging at the mo. I have not one but 2 major projects on the go at the moment (more of that another day). What with that and the snow, meaning the children have been around during the week when really they should be off being educated, I am rather late on posting about Top Drawer.

Top Drawer was over 3 weeks ago now (that really can't be true). I had a fab few days down in London. I managed to sneak in an extra day and so got to catch up with lots of friends. I stayed with Jo in my old stomping ground near Hampton Court. We did alot of hanging out at the newly opened Jamie's Italian in Kingston. If you live anywhere in the vacinity of this or one of his other branches you simply MUST go. We tried it at night - fab. And again the next day for lunch - double fab. I could quite happily move in there.

and I met up on Day 2 on the King's Road - my absolute favourite street. With Peter Jones at one end and Designer's Guild at the other and plenty of mooching imbetween, what's not to love? By the time Tara and I had bought out the whole of the Designer's Guild fabric sale table, it was time to refuel, so we spent the afternoon hanging out at The Stockpot. There are worse things in life.

Ah yes, the aim of the post - Top Drawer. This is my 3rd year going to Top Drawer now and I've learnt to focus on what is relevant for me and Blueberry Park. There are some fabulous stands but you can't stop at everything or you'll be there all week. I must appear very rude striding right on by alot of stands and only stopping at those that are suitable. I saw some fab new people and met up with some known favourites. Here's a quick precis of what, for me, were the highlights of TD Spring 2009.

Shelley is the talent behind Pootle Products. Aren't these dolls the best? And her stitched designs make striking greetings cards.

I loved Fabric of the Universe for not only it's simple screen printed designs, but also for it being ethical, organic, natural stylish clothing for little ones.

I really loved these hand stamped bedlinens from Lulu & Nat. They were so fresh and crisp.

And now for something completely different... Michelle Mason's bold and beautiful felt rugs and other lifestyle pieces were extremely eye-catching.

I'd had the pleasure of meeting Rachel, from Lollipop, at Pulse last year. I love the striking simplicity of her products. And I definitely want these stamping label sets and canvas shoppers for Blueberry Park.

Jane runs Snapdragon which is so much more than an online store. Go check it out. And what she can only do with a needle defies the imagination. Stunning little pieces of stitched artwork were made into mirrors, egg cosies, tea towels, tea cosies, cushions...

Trudy, from Buttongirl, is yet another talented embroiderer and her stand was exquisite.

So much to see, so much to buy. So much to put on hold whilst I put my energies into my two other projects. (But don't worry all of you - I will be buying - very soon)

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Kristy said...

Great food,friends and fabric could it be any better?!