Friday 13 February 2009

More than a glimpse

Remember a while ago I was a bit cryptic about my new labels and various big projects? Well, I have decide to take the plunge and take my craft kits into the big wide world. I'm preparing to take them to BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair) in Harrogate in April. (Please come along and say hi if you are in the vacinity.)I have been approached of late by various people who have searched me out and asked to stock them. So I thought if people are doing this off their own back then maybe there is something in it. So now I am putting myself on the line, ready to be hung, drawn and quartered and seeing what people really think of my kits.

I didn't feel that the labelling had that professional edge that would make them an attractive proposition for stockists. So I've been working with my good pal, Roz, to come up with something visually eye-catching, as well as be informative for shoppers.
I wasn't quite ready to show you before. But now they are finished. They are double sided, with the (new) Blueberry Park logo on the front and then each kit has a polaroid-esque photo to show what the kit is about. I hope you like them. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.


Anonymous said...

They're fantastic!! I love them! Do you think Ros feels like helping me prepare too???

Hannah said...

They look brilliant, really professional. Good luck with your kits I'm sure they'll be a big hit :)

Kristy said...

I love the new logo and the idea of using polaroid style photo's is great.I'm sure they'll be a hit.