Tuesday 16 December 2008

Tis the season to be rolling

Much to Manda's regret of ever designing these popular pencil rolls, they have definitely been THE buy this Christmas. I'm not sure how many we've been through together, but don't panic, Manda, I'm not asking for any more! There's something about the mix of stunning fabrics and the nostalgic feel of this lovely item that has made it very popular indeed.

Ruby has been waiting very patiently for her own and has somehow hidden her disappointment of constantly seeing a delivery from Manda, be whisked rapidly away before she can get her little mitts on one.

However, on Sunday evening I decided I'd better get going on one for her for Chanukah. There's only so long a girl can wait. I made one for her and one for my god-daughter Lucy, who has been equally patient. I chose to use my favourite matryoshka fabric for Ruby's, pleased by the fact that at least it stays where I can see it. But Ruby had other ideas and categorically stated that it was the blue butterfly one that she wanted. Would it be really mean of me to wrap up the wrong one?

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