Wednesday 10 December 2008

50 and Fabulous

Now just let me set the record straight. Before any of you think 'Wow, 50! She looks amazing for 50!' IT ISN'T ME!! Yes, I may be the wrong side of 40, but 50 is still a long way off.

But my lovely cousin Jane is 50 and Fabulous today. Jane is one of those older cousins that, whilst growing up, always had time for her little cousins. You could always tell then that she had style and a certain je ne sais quoi. She has an inner confidence that I never had then and certainly don't now. I always looked up to her as someone very special. And she has continued to be the most amazing free spirited, thoughtful, effortlessly stylish individual that I know.

So, happy birthday, big cous. You are certainly 50 and Fabulous. x

(Jane, with her equally stylish daughter, Jessica)


Pattie said...

50+ is Fabulous. Tell Jane about our website We'd love to have her visit and see the exciting things other women 50 and over are doing with their lives!

Hannah said...

Love the card! Congrats on being featured in cuteable too!