Tuesday 13 August 2013

in familiar territory...

 this may look a little familiar...
giant hexie quilt in blues and greys...with yellow binding...

a customer was so taken with the original that she wanted me to make a replica.
fine by me...i'm a bit partial to this colour combo.

this is a replica with a difference however, as who has the exact same fabrics in their stash 2 years later?
evidently not me.

the lovely thing about doing the same thing again but different is that it gives you chance to try things a little differently that you didn't think of first time round.

like the binding for instance.
not having the same lotta fabric for the binding meant nothing else quite worked for me. 
so instead i opted for scrappy...result!
this was particularly pleasing on the back which was kept more simple with this fab ikea piece.

 and then there was the quilting...
i jumped in rather quickly first time and did a simple tracing of the hexies in zigzag lines. this worked thanks to some additional hand quilting but without that it needed something different.
i remember being bowled over by Laura's concentric circles quilting on her fantabulous scrappy trip along quilt and thought that would work here...fun but not too fussy. (just realised i've used the same backing as laura too!)ikea

so one replica giant hexie quilt with a difference done...

...one customer deciding she wants one bigger!

the good news is that i get to do a take 3...who knows what improvements will be made on that one.
the other good news is that this one is in my etsy shop for one lucky buyer looking for a pretty quilt...go check it out here.

the other good news is that i am so pleased to be back in familiar territory with my giant hexie pattern that i think that is the first thing i am going to make when i get my hands on some of Leah Duncan's tule...can't wait for that.


Nicky said...

It is still beautiful or maybe beautiful again!

Good plan

Unknown said...

I love this colour & pattern combo.
I'm hoping to start my first quilt when my daughter's starts back to school - any tips??

sweetbriardreams said...

This looks so beautiful, I love the colours! I'm buying a book next week to learn how to do patchwork so watch this space. xx