Friday 9 August 2013

a house full of lewis'...

 the bristol branch of the lewis's came to play this week...well 5/6 of them and since there are still only 4/5 of us until sam comes home on sunday after 3 1/2 weeks away (counting down the days? i think so!) we were down by 2, which only meant a little more room around the table at meal times.

i love my in laws...i really really do...and feel very lucky that people i would choose as my friends are my in laws.

and since top on their list of things to do whilst up with us was to do some screen printing, i love them even more!

even the boys wanted their turn. how cute are these despicable me characters?!
not only are they so lovely, they are a talented bunch my in laws.

my sis in law is just the best. 
i just wish she lived might just mean our timing would be better and we wouldn't look quite such unsynchronised non-starters in the photo booth.

imbetween all the over-excited jolliness there was a photo shoot for this thing that shall not be named yet. i packed the family off to bolton abbey for the day and temporarily got down to business.

yesterday was ruby's birthday and her choice of day trips was brimham rocks.
it's our absolute favouritest place ever and surprisingly we hadn't taken the bristol clan there before and so for those that don't have a fear of heights, an exhilerating time was had.

we didn't have to go too far to have fun with this lot...
a trip down to the park and a race on the field would all have ended happily if an over competitive mr leeds lewis hadn't got a little too enthusiastic and pulled a groin muscle all in the name of fun.

thankfully stopping for a swift pint on the way home seemed to make everything ok again.

last night was a tearful farewell after a really special week.
the only thing to cheer me up was a printing sesh today...which in itself was the start of something rather exciting.


Unknown said...

Some lovely screen printing going on there. I love the fact that the kids wanted to get involved too.
We had fun at Brimham Rocks - great climbing and exploring to be had there.
Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

Catherine said...

Getting together with family is the best. My brother and his family have just been staying-9 of us squeezed in to my little 2 up 2 down, but so much fun

lindsey said...

I love your family photos, you all had a great time and how wonderful to be able to share your gift of printing with them!

Isisjem said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. So great when families get on and are definitely in-laws not out-laws. Oh and I think that last photo/print is fabulous!

Charlotte said...

what a great week (apart from that jumping between very big rocks thing - that looks AWFUL!!!)

Nicky said...

How did it go!?? Excited I am!

Look like you had fun!

Love the foxgloves - and all the other wonderful and despicable designs!