Monday 12 August 2013

fickle with fabric

 i don't know about you but every now and then a fabric collection comes out that blows me over and i can't imagine there ever being a more perfect fabric line...ever...
and then a different one comes out.

i know...i'm fickle.

i was blown over by cloud 9's simpatico and more recently rashida coleman-hale's tsuru for cloud 9, not to mention heather moore's cut out and keep. ok so i love cloud 9 fabrics (can't wait for Eloise's bark and branch and heather's up up and away) and it goes without saying that i adore everything lotta lansdotter has produced so far.
did i also mention my love for carolyn friedlander's architextures?


but i think a collection has finally come along that couldn't possibly be more perfect. i don't think i will ever feel the same about another collection...ever.
have you seen tule by leah duncan? i have always been a fan of leah's and am absolutely wrapped at the thought of this collection and what i will do with it.
not only are the colours spot on but the entire collection is so fresh and contemporary yet classic.
i simply can not wait for it. 

and because i simply can not wait (it's out sometime this month for goodness sake) i had to buy these from a previous line of leah's.
i'm not even sure what i was thinking as i bought these on etsy to be delivered to my aunt's in know how i let her personally bring me over some fabrics to make her feel like she's being kind and doing me a favour (it's good to make people feel wanted). well that's all very well and good but she isn't coming until the end of october.
all very well and good scratching the leah-duncan-must-buy-fabric-now itch but i will be able to get my hands on tule way before i get the above.
still, you can never have too much of a good thing.

so we've established that i am fickle with fabric but think i may have found the one. do you have a collection that has blown you over way more than another? only to be usurped by the next collection on the block?

do tell.


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I've just been for a look at her new collection and I can see why you've fallen for it! And (the best bit!) it's from AGF which means it's the loveliest fabric to sew with (along with lawn and Oakshott, obviously) - maybe you could make yourself a dress in one of the prints?!! I hope your aunt decides to make a surprise trip over before October...not sure how you're going to wait until then!

Tennjenny said...

I love *all* the ones you mentioned, so I will go look at this whole line. Though it is a completely different style, I went nuts for Hope Valley and had to get the whole thing from about 10 different vendors because I was late to the party. Then Chicopee came out and I went crazy for it.

My LQS owner has no sympathy when she's out of what I need; she says, "There's always more fabric."

Nicky said...

I can see the attraction! Drat I was going to stop buying fabric for a while!

I Echo your love of Lota! She got me with her first collection. Also loved some of the Cut out and keep! But I don't usually buy a whole collection - just pick bits here and there!

Charlotte said...

you are such a tart! I would *never* change my mind a million times about which fabric I like best. *ahem* Denyse Schmidt *ahem*

Seriously though, every time something new comes out I love it more than everything else ever. I'm shameless.

lindsey said...

These are beautiful fabrics, we have so many talented designers around.