Tuesday 24 July 2012

 Do you take part in any Flickr Group or other swaps? 
When i have the time I love to play along with swaps. I have been known to take part when really I shouldn't because I really love to take part.

 I really enjoy the 'hanging out' with people that all have that thing in common. I enjoy getting to know new people as well as doing something with virtual friends that I've known for some time.
And I really love playing around with ideas that I wouldn't or shouldn't really have the time to play around with. Swaps are just the perfect excuse to try something I have wanted to for ages.

At the moment one of the groups I'm hanging out with is this great group of people in the Brit Quilt Swap and I've been working on a little travel piece for a certain someone (obviously I can't say who as like most swap this is a secret one) and have really been enjoying it. It's just big enough to get my teeth into without being too overwhelming to take over from stuff I should be doing. The perfect little distraction.
I'm just about there with it...a little label, a few extras and it's ready to go.

So what gets your juices flowing in swaps? (if anything that is) I'd love to know ;-)

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Go on...it could be you...


Charlotte said...

it's spelled "C, H, A, R, L, O, T, T, E", ok?

Cherie said...

I like swaps when you get to know your partner through the comments they make on the groups items.
It's harder when they don't comment so you have to just wing it at times, but I like participating and seeing what other people say about the things I post =D

Paravent said...

Gorgeous work Karen. That's a good attitude actually, to try out new things for swaps. My biggest problem with swaps is I get so worried about whether the recipient will like it or not, so I tend not to go in them. You, however, are so good at it! All these gorgeous pieces you whip up. Hope your swap partner has something equally gorgeous for you :) Kx

Nicky said...

Wow you are making me wish I had gone in for this one again! I did the cushion last year!

I love hanging out with nice people, learning new skills, and pushing myself to do something I hope my partner will like!

Rachel said...

I do enjoy playing in Flickr swaps but sadly I just don't see to have the time any more now that I am homeschooling. Your quilt is looking gorgeous, really delicious, ice cream colours! xx

Emma said...

Hi Karen, I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you get involved in swaps? I'm new to the world of online sewing, but would def like to give it a try at some point :)