Tuesday 13 December 2011

I'm not entirely sure why I choose the end of this busy time to start playing around with new ideas.
It has probably got something to do with being on the roller-coaster treadmill of fulfilling orders and not having time to be creative.

Maybe it was a need to stop and do something creative for a moment.
Whatever the reason, I came home late Saturday night from being at We Make London, which by the way was fab, and felt the need to DO something.
It was fantastic to finally meet fellow exhibitor Louise from EdwynUK and Nicky from Mrs Sew and Sow. Thank you so much for making the trip, Nicky.
I also had a visit from a dear friend that I hadn't seen for 7 years...crazy but true.
All that aside the Fair was fantastic, a hall full of brilliant talent. I just wish I'd had time to do some of my own Christmas shopping! Thankfully Nicky has done a great post on the fair and snapped the essence of it, so head over here to take a look around.

Maybe it was being surrounded by so much talent that got me wanting to stop and do something. So I hadn't been home long and an idea that had been burning in my head on the 4 hour journey home, just had to be executed. I wouldn't have slept if I hadn't!

The polka dot pouch was the prototype for a pleated pouch that I wanted to try, but it actually turned out really pretty. I wanted to see if the shape worked before I cut into some precious woollen felt that I had been hoarding for some time - since last winter I think!

A few pouches later, including obviously one of the screen printed variety, and I could relax.
Although there are a couple of variations spinning in my head, which if I don't try some time very soon, I may just explode...

(new pouches can be found right here...)


Tara@Aquamarine said...

Oh my, Kazza, these are divine! My fave thing you've made yet! Really love.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

The grey wool works very well esp with yr fabrics. I found myself getting the sewing machine out at mignight the other night and thought "I'm doing a Karen Lewis here!" Couldn't go to bed till I'd tried the damm thing out.

Kate said...

Really love these, particularly the blue polka. Looks fab.

Jeremy Mall said...

So this a wonderful creation and it has double purposes indeed. Very nice to encounter product ideas like this. The colors are fashionable too. Thanks for sharing.

Kylie said...

They are fantastic Karen!! I really love the new shape - it looks so beautiful. I know how you feel - the creative juices always start flowing just when I'm least able to take advantage of them! ;) Glad you've jumped in there and created these though - just gorgeous :) Kx

p.s. not nagging and totally get that the post is not good at this time of year, but I am worrying a bit about my order from you which hasn't turned up yet... Do you mind me asking how long ago you posted it?