Tuesday 20 December 2011

It's last posting day before Christmas for all UK based parcels today.
Quite honestly I didn't think this day would come!
I have been to visit my friendly PO ever day for weeks now and it will be odd - odd, but rather pleasant - to not be fitting that trip into my day.

One last trip today and one last parcel if you want to grab it for a little Christmas sewing.
Yesterday I had a request for a set of Scruffy Flowers (thank you, Carolyn!) and I now have the other half of the panels that I have made into a second set for one quick purchaser.

If you are UK based, it will be in the post and on it's way to you today...if you are abroad, it will still be on it's way to you today, but may (doubtful) not reach you in time for Christmas.

It's right here...

(If you would like a different pack today, just give me a shout)

1 comment:

Nicky said...

Cute but I want to use what I have first Karen!

Little squeal of excitement and fear as I even contemplate cutting it up!

Would like some of you hexy coin on linen though was smitten by it at the fair! And probably whatever you come up with next too!