Thursday 15 December 2011

I blame Florence for distracting me today.
There I was happily taking things a little slower when I read her blogpost and suddenly realised I had to make Ruby an apron for one of her Chanukah presents.

So bang went my "I'm in control" day and enter "crap, I have to make this now" day.
I know Ruby will be delighted because she's been nagging me for a new apron for ages.

The problem is that one apron wasn't too much trouble (apart form a bit of unpicking because you are making it up as you go along - my usual style - rather than following a pattern), the problem started when I realised my nieces needed one too.
Well, they obviously don't need one and I do actually have other gifts ready for them, but they are all coming up over the holidays and since it usually includes a bake off session, then clearly, they do actually need one.

So what started off as my first slightly slower paced day in a long time, has ended just as crazy as the rest.

And I blame you, Florence!


Nicky said...

Karen now you have passed on that urge to me - though I did promise my youngest an apron quite sometime ago and haven't come up with the goods yet!

It looks gorgeous - another of your screen prints??

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

Karen! That's gorgeous - I'm so pleased to have been the cause of your sewing! It's so grown-up and perfect for our age of girl - she'll love it! And I'm with Nicky - is that one of your own screen prints - it looks very Karen?


lamina @ do a bit said...

ha ha ha... I do that all the time!! I'm always ditching what I have to do for things that I really want to do :) The apron looks so gorgeous!!! I want to make one now :)