Tuesday 5 October 2010

How gorgeous are these little guys? Completely irresistible I'd say.

After a heads up from Kate about how she's got her Christmas gift making under way, thanks to the fab patterns from Fiona, I decided this couple of rabbits would be the perfect gift for my little niece and nephew.

I am DETERMINED to get them done in time.

So, having purchased the patterns, off I popped to Saints & Pinners to get some fabric essentials, including Cloud 9s white flannel. This was typically the only colour I didn't pick up in my selection last week.

Whilst I was there I threw a few extras into the basket. Well, it's illegal to not purchase more than you need. Isn't it?

I'm really pleased with these 2 Darla Ditty pieces that were in the sale. They'll work great for my kits and I always like to pick up nice fabric for the kits. (See, thoughtful after all)

And I just love this Joel Dewberry's Herringbone. It's so fresh and striking. I'm thinking it will work super well as the skirt for the girl. (See, so not indulgent...pure necessity)

So, there, I've laid it on the line. I am making these for my niece and nephew. For this Christmas. That's 2010. So you are well in your rights to hassle me about the progress. In fact, please do, I think I might need it.


One Flew Over said...

So glad you succumbed to Fiona's softie charms...they are SO full of character and I bet will go down a treat this Christmas x

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see them!!!!

Kylie said...

Great idea Karen - I'm sure they'll love them and I'm sure you'll finish them in time too :) Kx

p.s. Totally drooling over that Herringbone fabric ;)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today... Love the pics and your blog!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I was drawn to your blog by it's name, I love anything blueberry! I think it's because we vacation in Maine and it's the blueberry capital of the world! The other thing that drew me to your blog were the fabrics that you selected - just beautiful. A few more draws were the bunnies, I love 'em and that you sew, I'm hoping to get back into sewing when I'm finished this blasted masters degree! If you'd like to "visit" me in New England we love company, and new Followers are so exciting! I really enjoyed my visit today, it was very inspiring!


Anonymous said...

I've made one of these bunnies! I loved the result and it really didn't take too much time...depends on how many other projects you have on the go!

Helen said...

You have so many lovely makes, finds, fabric and links on your blog. I love popping in everynow and then to find very busy mum, making some great stuff and keeping it all together!