Friday 2 July 2010

We Brits have been enjoying the best summer in recent memory. We wake up and there's sunshine. We go to bed and it's still warm. Honestly, I don't care how wet and miserable the winters are if we get a decent summer in exchange.

One of the advantages of a decent summer is seeing an abundance of flowers in the garden. One disadvantage of having dismal summers is not noticing what is around us. We don't spend enough time being out and about and seeing what is there.

Today I noticed that my sweet peas have started to materialise due to that aforementioned sunshine and I managed to pause for a while to appreciate them. And it reminded me of another reason that I blog. I blog to record my life. To go back and recapture the pleasures in life when it is too wet, too cold, too busy, too frantic to appreciate what is around us. I don't know about you, but life is sure passing me by, but right here, right now, today, I can look back and feel the heat and see what it produces. Long may it last. And if it doesn't, I can come right back here and remind myself that it once was.


Anonymous said...

so true! and good point, I shall also make a little sunny capsule ready to be tapped in in the winter... failing that, I can always come back and see your sweet peas!

Unknown said...

hear hear! lovely sweet peas, I hope they are the ones with the gorgeous scent?

I'm off to just be

Me and Ma said...

You know I was thinking the exact same thing this morning, I feel as if everything is moving to fast and I need it all to slooooow down :)

Gilly Tee said...

I know just what you mean, I have taken to walking around my garden every morning with my coffee to see whats come out.

Kylie said...

I love sweet peas!! Thank you so much Karen! My grandparents had walls and walls of them in their garden and my sister and I used to play 'house' between them :)) Such a lovely post too - I totally agree. Hope it's still gorgeous weather when I'm over in September! Kx

Judi said...

I only have a tiny garden but there will always be room for sweet peas. I too find my blog becoming a record of snippets of my life and loves.