Thursday 22 July 2010

It seems this week that alot of us are making things from our scrap piles. Maybe it's a belated spring clean...trying to tidy up a bit. Or maybe it's wanting a piece of a favourite fabric that all we have is a tiny scrap, not big enough for anything substantial.

I bought these sunnies this week super duper cheap in the Gap sale. So super duper cheap they came without a case.

So there was an excuse if ever I've had one to throw one together. I'm obviously going to be using this alot. It's going to be in and out of my bag all summer long. I want something pretty when I do. So a quick dive into my scrap pile to find the most beautiful, treasured pieces that I had.

I love Cloud 9 fabrics and Aunty Cookie's, so I'm over the moon that I get to carry a piece of these around with me every day.

And despite the fact that my sister (how very dare she) said she would like one, but without that awful yellow *gasp*, I love the little ray of sunshine peaking out.


One Flew Over said...

Gotta love a Gap sale! Love the case.

PS: You SO could make one of those dresses ;)

Me and Ma said...

Great case. I had a real clear out yesterday, always feel the need at this time of year, maybe because September and all that going back to school time seems like a new year !

A Thrifty Mrs said...

oooh so pretty

Viva La Fashion said...

love your sunnies. so cute! :D