Tuesday 20 July 2010

Delivery day. My favourite day of the week.
I bought these few little beauties on Etsy last weekend and they've just dropped through my letterbox.

I was obviously still in my yellow phase when I ordered them.

I'm really pleased with all of them, but am particularly loving the brown and white dandelion on yellow piece.
And I love how the lovely sellers from Asia always include a pretty addition or 2.

Plenty of inspiration potential with this little lot.

What have you been purchasing lately?


Stephanie said...

Yesterday a linen dress at Brora (on sale ;-) and a pair of Varca sandals... All for my holidays :-)
Lovely fabrics Karen, I just can't wait to see which treasure you will maek out of it!

Kristy said...

See now you've got me pushing my shopping cart round etsy. You are such a bad influence!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I am still in a yellow phase and have practically fainted looking at the loveliness of these prints...is a yellow phase something that one eventually emerges from then? I'd thought it may be a permanant state of being...

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

I LOVE those colours.

Funny how we go through phases isnt it.

I have just bought the new Tim Holtz 12x12 Scrapbook papers. They are just sooooooo!!!!!

Dont know whether I can use them, they will have to be for something very special!!!

I am having a give away on my Blog if you fancy popping over and having a look, will be drawn on 25th July!!
Michelle x

Unknown said...

gorgeous! each on it's own, and as a collection also...what you going to make?!

Julie said...

I have just bought a bundle of Amy Butler half yards of quilting fabric from Etsy. I am about to begin my first ever quilt (log cabin of course).. which is how I discovered your beautiful blog. I believe I will be coming back here quite regularly for inspiration and log cabin tips :)

Entre Nous said...

Absolutely lovely. Loving the somple blue tonal and white, and the linen, sakes alive, you've done it!