Friday 19 February 2010

Today was supposed to be a productive day. Today was supposed to be a great day. Instead I've been a bit miserable today. And apologies to those of you on Twitter who have born the brunt of it. And thank you for your attempts to keep me upbeat.

The cause of my misery is this...

...and this...

It's fair to say it's been a challenging Half Term. We are 3 weeks in with the building repairs and typically the worst week coincided with Half Term. I've been a little bit stressed. I was however so looking forward to today. Matthew had planned to take today off to give me a much needed work day. The builders had also planned to rub sand down the entire stairwell of the house. This entailed covering the entire place with a layer of dust that you have never seen. it also entailed ladders everywhere and making going from A to B in the house virtually impossible.

Consequently I have got absolutely nothing done and sat amongst a Sahara equivalent of dust in the process.

However all was not completely lost. I decided that I wasn't fit for anything constructive and the only thing taht was going to cheer me up and take my mind off it all was to lock myself in the attic studio, turn the music up loud and play with my new Orla fabric.

So all has not been completely lost.

Not so much a TGIF...TGFO...thank goodness for Orla ;-)


Kickcan & Conkers said...

So Orla saved the day! Mind you, it'll all be worth it in the end, Sahara sand storm and all... Love, love staircases like that. My dream house. If only I could buy a house in Yorkshire.

Snooze said...

great way to cheer yourself up ... on my days I feel depressed i really never get anything done. (PS your house is so nice ... except for the previous owners' taste in decorating) and it's going to look amazing when you're done)

Anonymous said...

Oh I really feel for you haveing been through the same repeatedly over the past few years. The dust is amazing and each time you clean (and wash every curtain, pillow and soft furnishing in the house) it tends to start again. Builders, bless them, are not very good at closing doors or taping them up!

It's going to look so great it will be worth it, like childbirth, painful but worth every bit.

Thank goodness for Orla K.


One Flew Over said...

Renovations are such a headache...pardon the pun! We re-did our bathroom and front room just as Alfie arrived 2 months early.

Was a complete nightmare!

Good luck and GREAT cushion x

small forest said...

As I was reading I was thinking just that. That I would suggest that you hide away and do something creative. The cushion is divinely scrumptious.
Seems you know exactly how to cope after all!
No need to let it get you down next time. File away the formula for bad days. Hey. Even have something that you are dying to get to so youll consider the interruption a blessing, albeit in disguise.
Also been there, done that. Your home is going to be amazing.