Tuesday 9 February 2010

It's fair to say I'm not a happy bunny today. I'm getting a bit unsettled by the builders constantly being around. I am used to having the house to myself during the day and am not getting that at all. They are very nice. Perhaps a bit too nice and friendly. Always wanting to stop for a chat. Ask what I'm up to. "Trying to work, you *******"!

I then had a run in with the mother of one of Noah's classmates. Noah had done something he really shouldn't have to a boy who had been goading him. I immediately made him write to apologise and offer to pay for the damages. Strangely the boy never gave the letter to his parents...oh, could that be because he'd have to explain what he'd done to Noah? Suffice it to say our contretemps didn't go too well and I was left fuming.

Fortunately that was the point at which the doorbell rang and my weekend's indulgent purchasing arrived. This oh so beautiful little pile of Orla delightfulness obviously doesn't make up for such stresses we have to deal with, but it sure as hell helps.


Daisie said...

Other people's children, argh! Sending sympathies and agreeing nods and pats on the arm.

Can't really empathise with having builders as we usually do the work ourselves. So, annoying as the builders may be it is not for long and will be worth it in the end!

Take tea nd biscuits and apply hourly.


Kristy said...

Just remember you did the right thing and that's all that matters.x

Kate at M is for make said...

I found having building work done a bit like child birth, in that it was awful at the time and you swear you'll never do it again. Then before you know it, the memory has faded and you're thinking of having that other wall finally taken down, after all, it wasn't really that bad was it... ?!
It'll be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Orla is a great way to brighten your day!

Kylie said...

I think a little bit of Orla goes a long way!! ;)
I don't envy you your situation - it's so galling isn't it? I used to get very upset but nowadays I try to turn it around - so many good lessons for the kids to learn. I usually let it gnaw at me for days but you can't let yourself be responsible for others' actions. I'm always saying to my kids "Learn the lesson and move on". We're at the 'Yes, we KNOW mum!' stage ;) Now, I just need to make myself learn it!! Hope it's all settled soon. Kx

Julie said...

How frustrating to have to try and deal with another family not working to the same values as you.

Regularly checking out your new fabric might help - its stunning.

Anonymous said...

pretty textiles :)