Sunday 11 October 2009

Sunday Stash #4

I indulged in a little shopping at Fabric Rehab this week, in the need of some fun fabrics for pencil rolls. I love the dots that they have at the mo and thought they went rather well with these 4 funky ones.

I think the Lizzy Dish is my fave, but a certain little girl in this house has already lay claims on the Ice Creams. Which does raise the question - do we make things to be attractive to the mum's who are doing the puchasing, or for the children to be delighted? Tricky one. If I find a fabric that does both, I'll be sure to let you know.


One Flew Over said...

Gorgepus and fantastic gift ideas!!

Unknown said...

I love the alexander henry jungle fabric - and I still haven't got any. I should remedy that right away!