Monday 5 October 2009

Little Miss Grumpy

I've been little Miss Grumpy today. I woke up in a bad mood. Something to do with being up too early. Something to do with being a Monday and having to get the kids to school. You'd think, 7 years later, I'd be used to that. Also it was cold. Really cold. And whaddaya know? The heating wouldn't come on. Now I was truly grumpy.

I called the Gas people and typically they said an engineer would be around sometime between now and 6pm. So I set myself up to being even more grumpy and got on with the day.

Children were deposited at school and up I went to my attic, glad that what little heat was in the house was rising up to my studio. I actually got a lot done today. Something to do with having to keep moving I think.

Typically Mr Engineer Man came just as I was heading out to pick up the little chickadees, but by the time we came back, via trips to the bank and PO, the house was so lovely and toasty. By then I was so ready to sit. And sit. And sit. We all gathered around the kitchen table doing homework (Noah), colouring (Ruby) and hand sewing (moi). Samuel found an even toastier corner and curlied up reading in the playroom.

I was recently invited to join a Hand Stitched Embroidery Swap on Flickr and we've just been given our swap partners. So I thought this was a perfect opportunity to sit and ponder over what I was going to do. I picked out a few fabrics that I want to incorporate and got started. I'm not even sure if any of this is going to make it to the finished article, but I had a lovely afternoon experimanting and playing.

I can't really say much more about it as it's supposed to be a secret. Our partners aren't even supposed to know who has them. So I'd better not say anything else. You never know, she may read my blog. All I can say is with the heating back on and all this hand-stitching, I am no longer Little Miss Grumpy. But that could just be the Happy Hour talking...


Kristy said...

Now the temperatures falling I can feel myself hibernating!
Glad you'll go to bed warm.

One Flew Over said...

Ooohh!!! Your experimenting looks gorgeous! Ms Grumpy here too...raining and 1 child with gastro - joy.

Kylie said...

Wow, that happened quickly! I was buying t-shirts on your side of the globe just a week ago because it was so warm! Hmm... love changeable weather :) We've got hot, hot and more hot to choose from here! Your hand stitching looks fabulous! Love the colours and patterns :) K

p.s. any measurements for you-know-what or is it too cold now?

Coco Rose Diaries said...

I too had the Monday grumpy feeling. Overslept, kids wouldn't move it and get out the door for school, cold grey, wet, oh dear, that Monday feeling! Tuesday will be better! he he! x