Wednesday 28 October 2009

Little treats

It's half-term this week. No sooner do I feel that we have got back into some routine after juggling through the summer, then the children are off again. Honestly, the life of a WAHM! My lovely Mum actually gave me a long work day today and took the children out.

Actually, not only did she take them out but she also went to Hebden Bridge to do my errands. She popped some kits into Amy at Ribbon Circus and picked up some jewellery from Rachel Lucie for some orders; mixing my business with the children's pleasure. Win, win ... for me ;-)

I got on with making up orders for a couple of new stockists that have come in this week and ordering some stock that I've been running low on. I was reordering some jewellery from Handmade by Hayley and I realised that I haven't even told you about it yet. Been too busy selling it! This jewellery is fab. It's perfectly priced for little treats for yourself, as well as making a great little gift for girlfriends, when you just need a little something.

It's all been equally popular, but my personal must haves are the Blue Double Strand and the Grey Shell. I guess they are the colours I wear the most this autumn. I'm sorry for keeping it a secret from you, but go check it all out and see what you think. It's all right here.


One Flew Over said...

Lovely...such striking colours

It's just a Monday said...

I'm adding the bottom one to my christmas list!
I love your blog :)