Tuesday 6 January 2009

Valentine's Day?

My customers are obviously at least one step ahead of me as I've already had an order for not only a Valentine's Card, but also a Mother's Day card. Have I gone to sleep and missed a month? I could swear it's only the beginning of January. After I got over the shock of realising that some people like to be prepared, I realised that this was a goodkick up my backside to get my designs finalised and out to the few retail outlets that I have.

I had given it no thought whatsever up until now, but with just over a month until the next card giving occasion, some may say I am getting a little bit late.

I used to be very organised. Old friends on Facebook have voted me as most organised friend. That makes me laugh, because since having children I am the most disorganised person I know. My Mum and sister despair of me. Actually to say I am disorganised isn't entirely true. What I am is unable to plan and think ahead. I function on the here and now and what is needed to get through today. Something that is happening in a month's time - forget it - it doesn't even enter my radar.

So hence the shock horrors of receiving orders for Valentine's Day. Maybe I should just forward my calendar 2 months. That way I'll always be ahead of the game. And just to be extra sure - Happy Valentine's Day - oh and have a great Mother's Day too!

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