Wednesday 28 January 2009

Smile please...

Noah and Ruby are having their school photos today. I love seeing their little faces change over the years as the next photo comes in. This will be the first school photo with just Ruby and Noah though, since Samuel is no longer at the same school after his move up to High School. I have a thing about seeing the 2 little ones together - as I call them. Noah is completely different with Ruby than he is with his big brother. Noah feels VERY competitive in Samuel's company - ridiculous since he is 2 years younger. But from the minute he could get up and follow Samuel, he has tried to do just that. With Ruby it's very different and he is very sweet and a lovely big brother to her - most of the time. And their photo normally reflects this.

So in celebration of Noah and Ruby's smiley faces, here's a little montage of appliques that are all ready to go on a card order. Smile please, everyone :-)

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