Wednesday 21 May 2008

I love blue...

I love blue...particularly 'Nigella' duck-egg blue.

I love it in the kitchen...

I love it in the bathroom...

I love it in my office.

I am drawn to it whenever I go shopping. This gorgeous picture by the talented Askey was a must for the bathroom.

As for my latest purchase from Habitat today... can't wait to get these out on my table outside.

Even my friends buy me lovely things that coordinate beautifully! Thanks Louise for these scrummy chocs!

I know it's not duck-egg blue, but they do have that obligatory dash of red. So how could I not purchase these beautiful tins (ah, tins - another obsession!) whilst in Budapest.

I know this radiator isn't in the most pristine of conditions, but it ticks all the right boxes as far as colour is concerned.

And as soon as I saw this in the book shop I had to buy it for Ruby. I had her in mind of course. It had nothing to do with the fact that I could leave it lying around in the kitchen, the bathroom, my office and it would look right at home!

And just before you think I am totally obsessed (which of course I am!) here's another thing I picked up from Habitat today...

Doesn't it go beautifully with my blue?

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Anonymous said...

YUMMY! You should see my bedroom. And that boat painting is all my favourite things; nautical and blue and illustration!