Wednesday 14 May 2008

Birthday Take 2...

My big boy is 11. How did that happen? It seems that my parenting journey started 11 years ago. And I'm still learning! This must be one of the hardest jobs in the world - but one of the most rewarding. I love my work - I just LOVE having Blueberry Park, but it doesn't compare one iota to being Mummy to my 3 babes.

Poor Samuel started his birthday with first day of SATS (National tests in England for 11 year olds) although he didn't seem too phased by the ordeal. And by the time I picked him and 6 friends up from school they were all in a very jovial mood (translate that as 'completely hyper' - what had I let myself in for?!)

Off we walked to the park for an obligatory game of footy. (Samuel would spend his life on a footy pitch given half a chance.

A laze on the grass, a stroll up the hill and off home we went for pizza and birthday cake - and an early night before I would be repremanded by the teachers for throwing this year's Year 6 SATS results into disarray!

So, I can take a sigh of relief that party season is over for a while ( apart from a delayed 'proper' party after SATS in a couple of weeks time)...until it's my baby turning 7 (7? that REALLY can't be possible) in August...

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