Saturday 23 March 2013

the staple dress...potentially

i am determined that 2013 is going to be the year that my dress making extends beyond pj bottoms.

i have just bought april rhodes' fantastic and apparently relatively straight forward "the staple dress pattern"

apparently you just need to be able to stitch in a straight line to make this dress.
sounds easy enough.

i've already picked 4 fabrics that i would like to make what i think may be just what it says on the label...the staple dress of the summer.

clockwise from top left on my short list are...

scallop in punch from the new piper collection by stella
sunny day flutter nutter from the pb&j collection
raspberry jam jelly also from the pb&j collection
stitch circle mint from michael miller's stitch floral.

quite honestly it may just be a good excuse to buy even more pretty fabric.


beautiful square feet said...

Just followed the Scallop link - never looked on M is for Make before, but what lovely fabric! Good luck with the dress making - such a great thing to be able to do - a wonderful skill to master. Let's hope it brings summer with it too!

Paravent said...

Gorgeous! That'll be so much fun Karen. I love making my own clothes, even though I'm not a great seamstress (I had sewer there but it just looks wrong!) haha... anyway... Have fun making :) Kx

Kate at M is for make said...

I was admiring that on Instagram too, feels like another sewalong brewing up to me! I'd need to re-draft a slightly lower neckline though to avoid looking like a ski slope!!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Have fun!

Nicky said...

Think I like the minty one best - would make a great dress! As would the rest!

Go for it! Fitting was the bit I found difficult unless it wasn't for me!

Isisjem said...

will look forward to seeing and hearing how you get on.