Friday 1 February 2013

wonderful way to spend a friday...

what a fantastic way to spend a friday!

i had the pleasure of liz coming over for her one-one screen printing workshop.
liz has done a couple of screen printing courses before and so had a good idea of what she was up to.

she claimed she wasn't very artistic but if you see what she produced i think like me you would disagree rather swiftly.
liz brought some sizzex paddle punches with her. I haven't seen these before and they are so cool! It would be very difficult to cut these shapes for stencil printing and liz used these in such a creative way. I just love the effect she achieved.

we spent some time talking techniques (actually we didn't stop talking for the over 3 hours liz was here) so that we could perfect her already more than basic skills.

 one advantage for liz booking a one-one session was that she had more me time (not necessarily an advantage you might say) and we were really able to work on her skills.

she also had plenty of time and could work on 3 different designs.

 whichever workshop you book on you get tote, tea towel and fabric pack to work with.
i love how the stars came out on liz's tote!

with a little bit of time left liz set to work on her 3rd design - partly hand cut, partly sizzex paddle punched. 
how cool is her tea towel? just genius!

liz really was an a* student in both attitude and aptitude and i had such fun hanging out and 'playing' with her today.

thanks liz for a wonderful time!

if you would like to come and do a fun workshop there are a couple of places remaining on my march class or like liz you could book a one-one for that little bit more me time.

next week i have my next group workshop and i can't wait!


lizzie said...

Had a great time, many thanks, Karen.

Nicky said...

How cool is that - hammering and printing! That Liz has style!

Want to come! You just live too far away!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

It looks like a wonderful day!

lamina@do a bit said...

Too much fun I say! Love the sizzex... wish I had them for all my designs... it would make life a lot easier :)

Kay said...

Fabulous work!!! It looks such fun too.

Collette said...

wow she is great! looks like fun!

Kate said...

Looks great! Shame I'm not closer as I'd definitely book in.

**nicke... said...

still so jealous! ;) xo