Tuesday, 19 February 2013


 i am proud and delighted to announce my new Patchwork Lampshade Kits, the first of the series made with Leanne's fantabulous Little Housemartin screen printed fabrics.

 it seems an aeon ago that Leanne and I caused hysteria on IG with my makes with her wonderful fabrics.
you can blame the courier service who shall remain nameless as I am too dang fed up of them to want to read their name on my blog. suffice it to say that it had something to do with the old excuse of swearing blind they had put a note through my door to say they had tried to deliver. chin wag!

moving on...the kit contains a selection of strips of Leanne's fabrics along with a lampshade kit and full instructions to make a beautiful and unique patchwork lampshade for either a pendant shade or a table lamp. it comes in a choice of 20cm or 30cm diameter shade.

i really am quite delighted with these kits and hope you love them (and will want one!) too!

as i said this is just the first of a series of different kits that will be available, one of which includes naturally a couple of blueberry park options and another that i am just putting together and very excited about. it is rather a sophisticated shade that i think may just cause some hysteria of its own.


Kelly said...

LOVE! I know what I will be buying come pay day ;-)

Nicky said...

Thrusting more temptation my way!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...


beautiful square feet said...

Such a good idea! Really looking forward to seeing what one looks like in your fabric!