Monday 13 August 2012

 Do you find your tastes in colour combos goes round and around?
Quite a while ago now I had a big attraction for reds and blues but then it seemed to disappear again for yellows and greys to take it's place.
But it appears to be back.
Without consciously meaning to I have recently been combining reds and blues again in various projects.

When I picked fabrics for my Siblings Together quilt, donated by my lovely sponsor M is for Make I was very much drawn to reds and blues and am in the process of completing this quilt (bottom left) and am very much enjoying surrounding myself in this combination. 
Maybe it started again with this. Then I was making some new pencil rolls and ordered this fabric from another sponsor (bottom right), and found it worked beautifully with some Summersville I had sitting on my desk (as you do).

And if that wasn't enough submersion into one of my first colour combo loves, I received a package of Water for Elephant fabrics from the talented Umbrella Prints designers (middle above) and before I knew it I was obsessing with reds and blues again and picked out the top fabrics for a range I want to produce for upcoming fairs and the like.
Who knows if my rekindled obsession will last into preparing for these fairs or not, but in the meantime I am rather enjoying glimpses of red and blue.

Do you have combos you keep coming back to again and again?


Charlotte said...

love that colour combination! I am a total sucker for rainbows. Seriously, it's an addiction!

Cherie said...

Not really. I tend to sew with the colours I like. I'm not one for combos =D

Paravent said...

oh yes... the chartreuse and grey thing is like a merry-go-round without an off button ;) I am happy to say that other colours have been making their way into my life though, so maybe there's hope for me yet! I love your colour combinations, Karen - you have such a fabulous eye for colour and pattern combination. Lovely to see these beauties here like an evolved colour swatch! :)) Kx