Saturday 23 June 2012

 Today has been so lovely and so unusual in so many ways.
Today we had no plans whatsoever.
Today we got to just hang out and see where the day took us.

Ruby decided early on that the day was going to take us to a baking session.
She was quite right when she said we hadn't done this for ages.
We soon rectified that and a short stroll later up to the shops to buy supplies and we were perfectly equipped for such a sesh.

Yesterday, with an equally rare Friday off I pulled out my recently bought Noodlehead Go Anywhere Bag pattern and set to work on making me a bag.
I delved into my saved-for-something-special Lotta Jansdotter Echo stash and made myself a bag.

This bag is just perfect. Perfect handle length, perfect sized inside pocket (customised to hold my favourite pen, iphone and old-lady-can't-leave-the-house-without-specs) and perfectly sized without everything lost inside. 

Our unplanned day today was also taken up with making a Noodlehead bag for Ruby, who decided she also was needing such a bag.

I reduced the size a little to make it 10 year old friendly, but still with the requisite customised for-when-Mummy-finally-buys-me-a-phone pocket.

Socialising and plans can be so over-rated. 
I haven't enjoyed a Saturday so much in ages.
I hope you have had an equally lovely Saturday.


Sarah said...

I love the smaller bag, there is a little girl in my huse who would also love it!

Cherie said...

Please tell me you have one of those cakes spare!
Love the bags, great fabric choices on both =D

Charlotte said...

I love unscheduled days, especially when they end up with cake!
Lovely bags - I made a mini 241 for my daughter, and she loves having the same style as mine!

Paravent said...

Lazy weekends are my favourite too :) Just hanging out with my girls and doing things together... just perfect. Love the bags - they both look fantastic! Kx

Nicky said...

Look like it was a great day!

I spent my Saturday at prizegiving and sport's day! Hope to get sewing done today!

verykerryberry said...

Love the mother daughter bag pic, really made me smile!

Unknown said...

Those two bags are simply lovely :-) You and daugther together with maching totes must be really cute!

Sil said...

Beautiful bags!

Debs said...

Theres nothing nicer than an unscheuled saturday in my book! Obviously it should be filled with sewing and fairy cakes - perfection!

Charlotte said...

Great bags and those cakes look yummy

Unknown said...

i love the black and yellow bag ^_^