Monday 25 June 2012

I've been eyeing up my Kona chart today with the aim of working on some solid based pieces.

Sometimes when you look at the chart it is easy to get distracted by all the pretty colours but it is all the neutrals that I'm interested in at the moment, perhaps with a splash of tangerine and coral.

It's seems as though I'm still in my orange phase although I am also tempted by some teals and Caribbean blue...maybe I'll incorporate both.

The tricky bit however is trying to find a UK stockist that has these if you are one please do shout out!


Nicky said...

That is tricky - having the card makes you want them all!

Nadine said...

Oh I love solids quilts, have just finished one yesterday and am truly hooked. I love your fabric choices by the way, where do you get your fabrics from? I find it quite hard to find reasonably priced modern fabrics here and am sick of ordering from the US:

Charlotte said...

Annie (Village Haberdashery) has Tangerine, and might be able to get some of the others for you. Worth dropping her a line :-D

Diana Toledano said...

I can see why you are attracted to the oranges... that "tangerine" shade is gorgeous!