Saturday 9 June 2012

 It's been a hellava week this week. One that can be basically be described as a bit of a post celebration blur.
I'll post about the amazing weekend we had at another time, when I can put into words what we all went through and when I've picked myself up off the floor from exhaustion. 
I don't remember Sam's flooring me quite so much, but I think that's a lot to do with us being out of routine this week with the extra Bank Holidays and Half Term. If we had been back to routine the next day we would have had no choice but to get on with it.

We spent most of this week sleeping late, saying farewell to visiting family and friends and generally living in the moment.
By the time Matthew went back to work yesterday we were finding it tricky to get out of our slump.
I dived into the cellar to get some printing done for some orders that were piling up and as is my normal trick started playing around with an idea that had been forming in amongst the blur.
As you know i normally print in colour on white fabric but wanted to give printing on some colours a go.
This ended up with me printing on a fair few of my solids and rather liking where it was going. The main reason behind this was the need to order more magnets and deciding that perhaps they would look better with more colour.
I've put up a couple of pics here to get a feel of the difference.
What do you reckon? Printing on solids or printing on white?
I'm rather liking how the solids look coupled with other fabrics. The design seems to stand out better, particularly with the blues, but on the other hand the postage stamp block seems to work with the print on white.
Maybe I'm too tired this week to make a decision or maybe there is a place for both.
Do you have an opinion? Would you like to see more designs on a coloured background?
Would love to know what you think. You are probably less tired than I am...unless of course you are recuperating from FQR...


Amy Friend said...

I think that there is a place for both. I like the colored backgrounds.

Judi said...

I love the mixture of whites and solids. Not sure why maybe because the pieces look as if they belong together.

Charlotte said...

love the white on the solids - really gorgeous! I look forward to hearing about the weekend :-D

Nicky said...

Amy is right! Both! I love both ! Those oranges and greys are ready to jump in my basket!

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

I like the blue one with white printing, but I also like the white with the orange printing.

Cherie said...

I like the mix of both. The solids have a nice bold look to them!
Hope you feel more awake soon =D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. There is one extra day to enter =D

Kristys Stitches said...

I love them all, you really have a talent!
I am new to all this blogging and also am from Leeds!
Nice to hear someone local is making a good living out of an amazing hobbie! :o)

Kristys Stitches said...

I love them all!
As a newbie to all this blogging and with an aim of selling my crafts it is nice to see someone also from Leeds doing exactly that! :o)

Fleur Cotton said...

Hi Karen, Glad you've had a great time with all the celebrations successful. : )

I'm loving the solid colours and think that the blues and teals are really effective.

Have a happy week.
Fleur xx

Wendy said...

I love the prints on solids. The ones are white are the perfect compliment. Have you though of trying monochromatic to go along side these two? I'm not sure I've got the right word - printing a dark blue on a light blue fabric and vice versa

Will's mum said...

Definitely solids!

Paravent said...

The solids look fabulous Karen! and the whites do too of course ;) ... I think you can't choose because they look good together. You know with any quilt you make you mix patterns with solids, and it's the same here. You should do both - they're fantastic :) Kx