Sunday 11 March 2012

News and updates...

First up progress on the cardi...
After 3 attempts to get the pattern right, I can finally say I am getting the hang of this pattern. I had to pull out and cast on again 3 times last night and was all ready to give up if this final time didn't work. It's not that it's that complicated. It's just that you really have to concentrate counting all the yarn forwards, slip one knit 2 togethers etc etc, coupled with the fact that it is exceedingly fine wool and with my ageing eyes, well, let's just say it's tricky.

Anyway I am pleased to say I am now on the right track. Quite whether it will be ready for June 2 is another thing, but I am pretty sure you will see me racing out on June 1 to purchase a cardi...

Next up, these fab fabrics arrived yesterday! Perfect selection for me or what?!
I can't wait to get started on making something for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. I have a few ideas bubbling away, but nothing decided on quite yet. Are you joining in? Go here for more details.

On Wednesday I had delivery of 4 new screens and on Friday I went to the workshop to get some images exposed onto them...very excited!
I also had a light bulb moment of putting a little selvedge detail on, which I'm rather pleased about, although looking at it now I realise I should also have put the name of the design alongside time.

I bought 4 screens which I thought would be ample for the time being. Although I already need to order at least 3 more as I had to omit Scruffy Daisy...and guess what someone ordered this week?
So 3 were used for my regular designs and the 4th I put a couple of smaller images on and a new design that had been sitting in my sketch book for months.
Please welcome Kite Strings...
Hopefully I'll get to print Kite Strings out this week and can see how it looks in reality.

Thank you for sticking with me through all my news and updates and for the final piece of news and updates...drum roll please...I am very proud to present my Large Hexies Quilt Pattern!
I am sorry if it's taken longer than some of you were hoping, but it's finally done and in the shop!

I think I have emailed everyone that left an address, but for those that didn't, click on the link here.
So that's it for news and updates, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and hope you are too, wherever you are.

Happy Sunny Sunday!


Nicky said...

Love the cardi but now you have the pattern worked out it should be a lot faster Karen!

Excited about the printing! May make another dent in my pocket then!

The competition ! I forgot all about it - but waiting for my packs to arrive first anyhow - could be fun!

Susan said...

The knitting is beautiful, so happy you finally got it worked out. Cant wait to hear more about your screen printing!

dawn machell said...

loving the trim fabrics...can't wait to see what you come up with...I'm sensing a winner :-)

Cherie said...

Glad to see the progress on the cardi....hahaha running out to the shop to buy one!

Can't wait to see the fabrics you make from the prints =D

Julie said...

Having recently completed a jumper in a lace like pattern may I suggest adding a lifeline now and then ... from experience making a mistake and trying to frog lace is a total nightmare - a lifeline will save you from having to rip back too much! Good luck!