Monday 26 March 2012

I just love printing at home!

Sorry have I said that before?
I had a few Euro wash bags on order that needed printing up, so while I was at it and whilst my printing space is virtually outdoors, it seemed a good idea to have a play around and print a few more things.

Do you like my new World Class Shopper?!
I printed the Euro Sites onto the totes first, let them have a bask in the sunshine and minutes later they were dry and ready for my paper cut stencil "world class shopping" to be printed on.

This is officially my first 2 colour print!
Cheating a little I know as there is no alignment involved, but hey, there are 2 colours, there's no smudging and it's complete!

Screen printing in the sunshine is even more of a blast - super quick drying times so time to quickly print up Framed Flowers onto totes too.
They are dried, heat set and up in the shop now...

I think I'll be playing in the sun a bit more tomorrow too...and all week by the looks of the weather forecast here in ol' Blighty!


Nicky said...

Karen sounds ideal! I was outside hand quilting!

Cherie said...

They look great!! =D

Kylie said...

It's great, isn't it? Only thing I like about summer here is that I can reprint on a fabric in half an hour or less sometimes! :) Lovely to see Karen. Kx

**nicke... said...

it was a downpour here yesterday but beautiful today! i am hoping for some outside time soon!