Tuesday 20 March 2012

I am utterly in love with the light at this time of year.
Opening the front door and seeing the hazy spring sunshine after long dark winter days makes me very happy.

I think it is this spring haze that was responsible for my latest printing.
Some of that pale pinky glow must have worked its way into my sub-conscience and when ordering new paints this week, pale pink appeared on the order form.

Who'd have thought?

So here we have Framed Flower and Triangle Mania in Pale Pink.
They say everything I've been feeling this week seeing this sunshine.

If you're feeling all hazy and pinky glowy go right here to grab yourself some...


Nicky said...

Warm glow indeed!

Unknown said...

Lovely and sunny! My house is dark and dingy and never gets any sunshine. So I will live vicariously through yours :-)

Unknown said...

OOO it's such a pretty colour! Yes very calm, dreamy and spring like. Love it. x

Victoria said...

I love the framed flower - very retro feel to it

Anonymous said...

Warm glow indeed!