Monday 15 August 2011

It's my favourite time of year, but at the same time not.
I love summer and I love long lazy days when we don't have to rush from activity to activity, endless hours of deadlines.
But juggling this with working is no fun.

I think a lot of us are the same.
Working from home means many interrupted weeks of trying to keep on top of work whilst not really having the proper time to do so.
My kids are getting older, which does mean they can be abandoned to keep themselves occupied. But guilt, coupled with knowing that means hanging out in front of the electrics for hours, soon gets me attending to them rather than getting on with the piling up work.

Tomorrow we are going out for the day.
No work, no neglecting children, just summer fun.
The day after we'll be back to neglect...


beautiful square feet said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow - fingers crossed for nice weather too!

dawn machell said...

I sooo know what you mean.....PLUS of course now that they are getting a bit bigger you keep thinking they're not even gonna want to hang out with you for much longer and you should make the most of it while you can! Guilt all round! Have a fab day off!! x

Kylie said...

haha! That's so funny... yes, there's a kind of neglect that sees them in front of one screen or another, I agree. I think I'm meaner than you - I keep doing my own work and simply ban them from "screen time" for a couple of hours ;) It's always fun seeing what they come up with and I feel like I am hanging out with them too. You are good Karen - hope you have a fun day! Kx