Monday 9 May 2011

One thing I love about the beginning of a new month is the arrival of the latest edition of magazines that pop through the letterbox.

I have a little magazine addiction that ranges from magazines for the home, women's magazines to all variety of crafting magazines.

I can't even tell you which is my favourite but I can tell you these are SOME of my favourites (I told you - I have an addiction)

Selvedge is obviously way up there at the top of the list. I love looking at inspiring pretty pictures in magazines, which Selvedge never fails on, but there are so many interesting features in here every month that each edition readily becomes a favourite bedtime read.

A new magazine on the market is Oh Comely. It has a very similar feel to Selvedge - beautiful photography, inspirational lifestyles and stories - and equally full of interesting articles of creativity and curiosity.

My favourite homes magazine is Elle Decoration. I did go off this magazine for a while as I found it too out of reach and aspirational, but either I have changed, although I don't think so, or Elle has become more reachable, that I am back into it in a big way and find there is so much inspiration in every edition.
Another new crafting magazine on the market that has become a regular monthly read is Making. A very appealing quality of Making (like Selvedge) is it's matt finish. I do like a craft magazine who's pages are matt. Is it just me or do they give a more handmade charm? I think so. Making features a variety of different crafts and a range of different artists and applications within that.

Again, there are so many inspirational artists and their work in Making, that it is rapidly becoming a must read every month.

My longest monthly subscription is Red Magazine. Whilst I spend a lot of time living, breathing crafts, Red is a monthly addiction that I don't seem to be able to kick. I like to think of it as The Thinking Woman's Magazine, full of interesting features all of which i go back to read once the initial slow flick-through-at-the-pictures-accompanied-by-a-coffee is over.
The latest flick through has left me yearning for this dress. Well, who can live without the summer's most useful dress after all?

I like to think of my magazine addiction as being relatively harmless. Apart from the damage to my bank balance, both in purchasing the mags in the first place and the money spent on Must Haves I have encountered on the way, goodness knows, there are far worse addictions out there.


Fearful Penguin said...

I adore Oh Comely and love when it appears- I only wish they made more of them!

Making looks really good too, shall have to check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation!

Rachel Chieppa said...

I, too, cannot seem to break my magazine addiction. There is so much inspiration to be found between those pages. Sometimes so much that I can't even step away to create!!! Information overload! I'm going to have to check out that Oh Comely...never heard of it!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Never seen Making, looks like my kinda mag, will have to see if you can subscribe on line?

KELLY said...

we really should set up a little Magaholics Group! like you i love and buy so many. i go through restrained periods and then have a big splurge. i actually enjoy going back through old copies too...almost like getting a new one! recently i've subscribed to a couple of new ones...mollie makes (which has yet to actually come out) but was on offer and anthology which is an american one and is stunning. enjoy all that flicking! x

Anonymous said...

I wish I could afford a magazine addiction! I have subscription envy :)

Every now and again when I have some spare cash and know I've got an hour or two's peace ahead of me I'll splash out on a magazine and sit and devour it over a coffee (and, preferably, cake).

beautiful square feet said...

I find that magazine subscriptions are a great answer when family members ask me what they should get me for my birthday / Christmas - it's a very easy gift for them to give - very little effort, but I get a little present every month for a year! I currently get Ideal Home and Living Etc landing on my mat every month and you're right - that thud is a very satisfying noise!

Gilly Tee said...

My name is Gill and I'm a magazine addict. I have just had 3 drop through the letter box. My selvedge is great as I live near Norwich. I have some exploring to do I think.

Within A Quarter Inch said...

So nice to know that a fellow mag addict is out there! I am most impressed that you actually find the time to 'read' them. Mostly - I like to buy them - with the hopes of reading them:)

Love your blog.

lisa stubbs said...

I love Oh Comely too and that 'Making' magazine looks fab! So much inspiration, I'm going to keep my eye out for that! and thank you for your kind comment on my blog, it's a real boost, thank you:)

Wendy said...

Funnily enough, I wrote a post yesterday about my magazine addiction too! Mine are all craft mags, come and have a look at my list, you might find some more to subscribe to!!