Friday 6 May 2011

Do you ever make things to sell and realise actually you can't bear to part with them?
Well, I'm on a mega zipper pouch making sess and was using some small leftover pieces from various projects.
One such project was the fabric I used for my cushions for the hallway. I decided this would make perfect little pencil and coin pouches, so I set off making a set for the shop.

At the same time I covered a sketch book with some wallpaper (that my friend Tara very kindly 'bequeathed' me) that I was planning to use for my Screen Printing journey as recommended by Gina, my screen printing guru. Gina suggested (I've a feeling you may be hearing the phrase 'Gina said' fairly often around these parts) keeping a journal of prints produced and marking on them what worked, what didn't. I really love this idea as I have a brain like a sieve and to keep a record seemed a genius idea.

Back to the zipper pouches...
Because I was doing the 2 mustard-based projects in tandem, I realised there was no way on earth that these pouches were ever going to make it into the shop. I love the wallpaper that Tara sent me and this gorgeous Skinny Laminx fabric was just made to accompany it, so in record time the pouches were a keeper.

I may just order more of this beautiful fabric to make some pieces for the shop (can't keep a good thing to yourself) but in the meantime, I am more than happy and inspired by having these things for me.


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Since I've technically left this world, having 'bequeathed' my wallpaper to you, I'll just say from beyond the grave that I am very pleased that you are keeping what's rightfully yours. ;) x

dawn machell said...

you really doooo make the nicest stuff :-)

Kylie said...

They are really gorgeous Karen! I'd hold on to them too ;) Love your "Gina says" refrain! :)) Kx

Pomona said...

I know the feeling - and I don't blame you, they are such lovely little zip-ups!

Pomona x