Tuesday 5 April 2011

It's been a crazy few days. It's funny isolating a snippet of time and all that goes with it. I've had a fantastic few days at BCTF, partly as a result of meeting lots of wonderful cyber friends in the flesh and also as a result of the great response to my work.

There will be more about BCTF another time - when I've had chance to regroup and get my breath back.

In the meantime another very exciting thing happened during this period. I won a giveaway! Not just any giveaway but a giveaway by the uber talented Francesca, of Mrs Eliot Books. I've long since been a fan of Francesca's work and am so overjoyed at winning not one but TWO prints. And not just any old prints (not that I wouldn't be happy with any of them) but 2 prints
of my own choosing.
This in itself did pose a problem. Well, have you tried narrowing down these prints to just 2? I rest my case. This and this were on my initial short list but the two that won out in the end were these 2 right here. I love Francesca's use of collage mixed with her own drawings. She has such a great eye for patterns and illustration.

The 'I think your dress is very beautiful' print, above will fit perfectly in our hallway and how perfect is 'The knitting needles and the midnight sewing'? That is going to have pride of place above my sewing machine in my newly appointed studio. I can not wait to be staring endlessly up at it.
Thank you, Francesca for you very generous giveaway and being so darn talented to boot.


Kylie said...

Okay, so you KNOW I'm really really happy for you, but I'm also SO JEALOUS!!! Congratulations Karen :) Kx

Francesca said...

wow! thanks for such a sweet post and extremely kind words. i'm glad you're so chuffed to win! x

Entre Nous said...

I needed some serious motivation to dig out unfinished sewing projects since my electrical karma continues to blow up electronics so I came here :}