Sunday 20 March 2011

Yesterday I managed a trip out to get crafting supplies, including some fabric paints for my hand-printing fabric projects.

First up on the project list was taking the pencil pouch idea a step further by personalising it.

Ruby has headed off to her friend Sadie's party today, so of course she was first on the list to get one of my new pouches.
Despite the fact that Ruby's response was "Mummy, I wish we could give my friends something other than crafty stuff for their birthdays. They aren't all like me and like it you know. Can't we give them something normal?"

I'm still wracking my brains to think what may be construed as normal, if a personalised pencil case and matching keyring isn't. I'm thinking Ruby was implying something pink and plastic. Or perhaps glittery and sparkly.

Either way, she did rapidly back it up with could I make her one.
And I'm pretty sure Sadie's Mummy will be more than happy with this pink and plastic, or silvery and glittery alternative.


Karen said...

Well I think it's lovely and would be more than happy to receive one for my birthday! :o)

louise35flower said...

The pink and sparkly will be consigned to the charity shop long before Sadie tires of her pencil case, stick with it!!

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

I was curious about what kind of paint you were using for your fabric painting . . . it does look good. And you have inspired me to make myself a pencil case for my new set of fineliners even though I HATE doing zips!

Rachel Chieppa said...

That's so very cute!

Kylie said...

I think she'll LOVE it! :) Kx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

That does look like fun. I've wanted to have a go at that!
Isabelle x