Friday 18 March 2011

First off, I have an apology for this post.

As beautiful as the photography was in yesterday's post, today's is the other extreme. Quite simply, some of these images are not pretty. Not helped by the colour paint I have been using.

But please bear with me, as I take you through my journey.

You all know of my love of hand-printed fabrics and my desire to do more screen printing and produce pieces of my own, but since access to screen printing is out of the question at the moment, I am looking at alternatives.

My Gocco printer is still not in full working order, due to the need for several accessories for it. So when I discovered Saints and Pinners were now stocking Freezer Paper I swiftly ordered some and have been sitting waiting patiently for it to arrive. I know that sounds like I have been waiting an inordinately long time, when in reality I think this has been less than 48 hours, thanks to the super efficient service Jo and Fran always provide. But considering my fabric producing journey started almost a year ago, this has been a long time for me.

So today I started experimenting with Freezer Paper Printing. The seedhead design that I used in my first screen print in the summer seemed a good place to start. I want to use hand-printed fabrics in lots of different ways and incorporate it my work with other fabrics too, so I'm starting with little patches that I can add to my work.

The Freezer Paper method is very simple to do. The paper has a shiny back and this sticks to fabric when ironed. Once you have cut out your design and ironed the paper on to your fabric, you stipple your chosen colour over. If you want to repeat the pattern reposition the paper and repeat as many times as you want.

This really is a fantastically fun and easy way to print fabric and produce something really unique.

I am really enjoying experimenting with this and I promise the next photos I show you will be a little prettier than these...okay, A LOT!


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Goodness woman, what's wrong with these photos? All looks exceedingly fabulous to me. :) xx

Inspiredbyfelix said...

I agree! The photos are delicious, I feel all inspired :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that looks like fun! I've only seen freezer paper stencils in the context of decorating kids' clothes (probably because all I have time to think about making is kids' clothes!), and it's really interesting to see it put to more sophisticated uses :)

ps: I'm sure my Japanese friend (once all the drama is past - luckily her family are safe) would be willing to translate if you get badly stuck on any of your lovely patterns!

joanne said...

It's fab fun isn't it - you should see the state of my ironing board now, though. Tip: cover it.

Justine said...

They look good and it looks like fun to do!!

Kylie said...

Great to learn new techniques - I've always wondered what the freezer paper thing was all about - thanks Karen! Now, I really REALLY want to send you some of my hand printed fabric, Mrs, but I'd prefer to know which ones you like... any hints? :) Kx

Wendy said...

OK, it's a bit late now, but they stock Freezer paper in Hobbycraft. I know it's expensive and all that, but useful when you need something in a hurry! I love your prints! You make it look so easy whenI know it can't be!

Anonymous said...

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