Monday 31 January 2011

I know we are a long way off thinking of summer vacations here, but you never quite know when you may be packing to go to distant climes. Maybe a skiing trip planned, or a winter break here in the UK, or maybe even lucky enough to be heading to sunny distant climes.

All the above have influenced my latest product...the Linen Laundry Bag.

I love pretty things and I love travelling with pretty things. Yes, there's nothing wrong with having a few extra plastic bags in your case for separating clean and dirty washing. But what could be nicer than having pretty bags to pull out?

My linen laundry bag is lined with crisp cotton shirting and finished off with a vintage braid tie threaded through a strip of Bright It's a Hoot Monster Stripe.

It's also roomy enough to store a pair of shoes in.

And if like me, you aren't planning any trips at the moment, you can still use it to store your underwear all nicely organised in your wardrobe.

Now available in my Etsy store...


Unknown said...

very pretty!

(I'm never that organised!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I, naturally, remember neither plastic nor fabric bags, and end up flapping around looking for something to put dirty laundry in the day that we leave whenever we go anywhere.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

I love the way you've inserted the drawstring bit, it looks very classy!

Stephanie said...

Lovely... would replace my plastic bags happily :-))