Wednesday 19 January 2011

Guess what? I started my tax today!

I have had an entire day of finding, sorting and collating receipts, invoices, bank statements, bills etc etc and even though I'm not quite finished I feel giddy with excitement with the thought that it is almost over.

I'm so excited about what I'm going to do next week without this hanging over me.

And also, I have not done an iota of sewing today. And there's a certain someone out there (you know who you are...!) who couldn't quite believe that this was going to be possible. But it was. I did it. Not out of choice, I hasten to add. More out of necessary concentration and focus.

Maybe I got it out of my system yesterday by allowing myself to slowly recuperate and not put pressure on myself by insisting I start my taxes yesterday. Maybe when push comes to shove, I am actually quite capable of focussing and prioritising.

Who'd have thought...

I did however sneak in a little more sewing last night before the dawn broke on my new found commitment to the cause. Having given away the pencil pouch that was sewn with the intention of being mine, I realised that if this one wasn't mine, then I'd better make one that was.

So here, we have Patchwork Pencil pouch Number 2...and sorry folks...this one is mine ;-)

Thank you so much for all your lovely well-wishes you left yesterday. It really does mean a lot...thank you, thank you, thank you xx


One Flew Over said...

Loving these Karen. Beautiful combinations x

Kylie said...

I've just been reading over all the posts I've missed while away... you've been doing some beautiful work, Karen :) I love these patchwork pouches and good on you for tackling your tax! Hope it's all done and dusted very soon :) Kx

Anonymous said...

Another lovely fabric combo! And well done on your tax-filing - I was so relieved to finally get mine out of the way.