Wednesday 8 December 2010

You may or may not know that my first crafting love was knitting. Taught by a babysitter when I was about 6, I knitted constantly until about 8 years ago...about the time I discovered and fell in love with sewing.

I used to love sitting on the sofa in the evening, watching tv and click, click knitting away. In my baby growing days, I got through an inordinate amount of wool - Rowan wool, always Rowan - making blankets, cardis, jumpers for my forth-coming Bambinos. This continued into their toddlerdom...well, really until they were old enough to argue about the garments they wanted to wear.

And I haven't really knitted much since then. That's partly due to discovering and falling in love with fabric, and partly being surplus to requirements.

I still adore wool and am drawn to it. Then, since buying this cowl last week, I have had an overwhelming urge to make some chunky grey cushions for the sofa.

My trip to Hobbycraft this morning was partly driven by the need for red felt for kit orders, but also the need to get this wool and some extra-chunky needles, so I could get started on this wished for project before this cold snap is over and they are no longer needed.

All that is needed now is a pattern...although I'm thinking I could easily make one up. It's only a square after all. How difficult can it be...?

(Alternatively if you happen to know of a great chunky large cushion pattern, I'd love to know)


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Well that settles it. When I come up we will add 'Karen teaches Tara to knit' to the list!x

Entre Nous said...

I think somehow we are all in the same wave when it comes to posts. It's sort of a Twiilight Blog Zone. Today I posted my WIP, along with a really sad crafty item I tried to make.

Love the thick yarn, I have yet to try the plastic needles, they are supposed to be easier to use by arthritic hands. :}

Unknown said...

Oooo - I've been down to Hobbycraft and purchased 3 balls of that wonderful Rowan Big Wool. I've already made 2 Leaf Pattern Scarves in Vert and Glamour and I've just got one more scarf to knit in Mulberry. It's wonderful yarn to work with and you get results so quickly because it's so chunky. I used size 12mm needles for my projects and they looked great.

Have fun knitting your cushion - the colours you've chosed are lovely.

jill x

Kylie said...

Oh what beautiful wool - have fun making! I loved your story about how you came to knitting and your ongoing relationship with it :) Kx

lindsey said...

Have you discovered the wonderful knitting shop in Headingly? It is called Baa Ram Ewe and the owner is lovely and only stocks British wools. Well worth a visit.