Saturday 4 December 2010

Most of you are fully aware of my love for my new Macbook but one thing that I have found to be frustrating and a disappointment is the lack of facility to edit photos. I actually thought that Apple was good for this kind of thing.

I take a lot of photos, both for my blog and also website and I need to regularly adjust size, colours, crop etc etc.

So I was at a big loss in how to do this easily and swiftly. Needless to say, a quick tweet later and lots of suggestions were offered my way, the best of which I found to be Picnik, suggested by Lucie. Picnik does exactly what I was needing and is what I got from my basic package on my PC.

Having mastered the basics super quickly, as Lucie said I would, I've been playing around with it this evening, as you can see.
These are pictures of some Liberty fabrics that I am awaiting delivery of and whilst I am not particularly a fan of a contrived look, both in my work and in my presentation, I am impressed with how easy Picnik is to use and how back in love with my Macbook I am that I can use it so easily to do what I do most.

Thank you, Lucie, thank you Twitter, thank you Twitter friends, thank you Picnik and lastly thank you Macbook for not letting me down.


Hen said...

I have a Macbook and find iphoto is brilliant. In the edit function, you can crop, straighten, rotate etc, adjust all the colours and light intensity/contrast/saturation, remove shadows and highlights etc, and add effects such as sepia/black and white/fading, vignettes, remove red eye and so on. Have you not found these features?

Jo @ life in lists said...

I have an iMac and even though I can do most things I want in iPhoto, I still find myself turning to picnik for some things, mainly because I've been using it for years and understand how it works!

Vaguely thinking of getting a Mac laptop of some description next year to keep me company in the small hours with the new baby, so i'll be interested to see how your relationship with your develops :D

chris baker said...

I am a huge Mac fan myself....with an iMac to call my own and my lovely iPad that is with me at all times. I use aperture and iPhoto, but will have to give picknik a try....your pics look amazing.

craftyclaire said...

that looks cool, I think I'll take a look.