Sunday 28 November 2010

Now isn't this a pretty site?

Not only did I purchase a few fabrics online this week, but I also unexpectedly got to The Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate on Friday and so picked up a few staples for kits and other work projects.

Let me show you what I bought...

I was stocking up in Hobbycraft on a few kit essentials and bought a metre each of these lovely Windham fabrics whilst they were in the sale. They'll be perfect for my kits.

I ordered some more grey Kei dots for my wall-hanging from M is for Make, this week. Whilst I happened to be there, I picked up some of Joel Dewberry's Herringbone designs in a couple of colours I hadn't yet got. I absolutely love this design. It works so well as a 'filler' with other fabrics. The last one in the row here is a Denyse Schmidt that also was noted for it's absence in my collection. I no longer have that problem.

The rest of the fabrics are ones I picked up at K & S. I was exceptionally reserved. This was partly due to the fact that it is like a cattle market at this show and you really have to scrabble and fight for an inch of space. If you've been , you'll know exactly what I mean. I'm not a great one for shopping in over crowded places, so consequently I was very selective and didn't spend too long shopping.

The second significant reason for my lack of purchasing was due to the fact that Matthew was with me and spent his whole time suggesting various fabrics that he thought I should have. Suffice it to say, we had a difference of opinion, a big difference of opinion, and it became clear that it was easier to steer clear altogether.

I'm really really pleased with the ones I did pick up however. First off were these gorgeous simple florals based on Liberty designs. I absolutely love the greys (obviously) and know that they will both be the equivalent of a LBD in ones wardrobe...very useful indeed.

Next up were these tiny prints, that again are just perfect for my kits. Also, I know they'll be great for log cabins, brickwork, in fact anything where just a little is needed.

Finally, I went back to my favourite stand that sells the most beautiful Japanese fabrics. They aren't the cheapest of fabrics, but are just so stunning I had to pick up a few to have in my stash. I picked these in mind to use for the quilt I'm still planning to make for our bed.
Not only are the textures of these fabrics so exquisite but, as you can see, the designs and colours are just stunning beyond belief.

All in all a productive week on the fabric acquiring front. Some for work and some for play, so happiness all round.

It's not just purchasing to be done at K & S. There are many exhibitions around the halls, various embroidery and knitting guilds and also graduates displaying their work. Some of the graduates work was incredible. There are a lot of very talented people about and it was amazing to have the opportunity to see this work up close.

Since Matthew was with me, a purchase of art was made. Matthew loves buying art (as do I) and it's probably fair to say he is as passionate about that as I am about fabrics, so really, despite his interference with the fabric buying, we really had the perfect day out!

It will be a whole other blog post showing you what we bought and reporting on all the other stunning pieces we saw. So check back soon...


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Mandy and I went to Harrogate the day before you - it was pretty crowded but fun to see some fabrics in the flesh. My fave stall was sunflower fabrics which I haven't come across before - lots of lovely Liberty and some gorgeous fabrics packs. Also Oakshott with those wonderful shot cottons.

Unknown said...

Love your new fabrics !

Unknown said...

yikes, I could just live in a pile of fabric like that. Lovely stuff.

blog is coming on well, would love another follower ;)

sinkingonbrink said...

Lovely fabrics! the ones in the photo at the bottom are gorgeous, especially the dragonfly print!