Sunday 14 November 2010

I'm seeing inspiration in the house today.

First of all, the Missprint wallpaper in the hallway is full of fab seedhead illustrations, but this is my favourite one on the paper.

Who would have thought the hairdryer could provide inspiration?

I was hanging around waiting for Ruby to dry her hair after swimming and noticed the flower in the middle of the dryer.

Take a closer look...

My mind is ticking over with ideas of where this inspiration is going to be used.

So, what's around your home, giving you inspiration today?


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Oh I love this! I laughed so much about the hairdryer, but now I'm so going round my house looking at things more closely!x

KELLY said...

great wallpaper!!

it was one on my shortlist...i still may just get some for another room. i am addicted to wallpapering now though! the house could soon become overdosed in pattern...but that couldn't be a bad thing could it? x

Lyn said...

Fraid not but loving your inspiration!

Kylie said...

What a fabulous pattern in your hairdryer! I love the seed pods too - can wait to see what you're up to, Karen :) I get fixated on the smallest things... unfortunately, I can't think of any of them at the moment. Hmm.. Note to self: get a notebook! Kx

Kylie said...

Of course I did mean "can't" wait... (sorry!) Kx