Saturday 23 October 2010

The house renos have taken somewhat of a halt for the last few months. The initial steam ran out after we had the majority of the work done and we have just been enjoying what we've had done without the hassle of having people in, decisions to be made, worrying about what still needs to be done.

It's time now to get on with Round 2. Round 2 will certainly not be as disruptive as Round 1. No building work. No overly chatty decorators getting in my way. Round 2 is all about finishing touches.

First off it's a couple of wardrobes being fitted next week in our room and Samuel's. This will make for neater, tidier, cleaner rooms...and that's us too...not just Samuel.

So our clothes will have a home, shoes can be out of sight, computer desk taken downstairs - thanks to my lovely new baby, my Macbook. (who incidently has been my easiest baby yet - no sleepless nights, no dirty nappies - just pure pleasure.

With the end in sight in our bedroom, I am now ready to think about the final finishing touch of a throw on our bed.

I haven't been totally sure what kind of style quilt I wanted. The colourways was obvious, the fabric choices are all picked out, but what style? Nothing too fancy (you know me). Something to let the fabrics speak for themselves and something that fits in with the dramatic wallpaper, but is beautiful enough to stand out in its own right too.

I've recently joined a new Flickr Swap Group and found the inspiration I was after, right there...a brick patchwork.

There is so much inspiration to be had on Fickr and these 3 are just a few of the masses of amazing examples of Brick Patchwork.

This first is by a favourite blogger of mine, Red Pepper Quilts. Rita is one of the most prolific quilters I know and is a real inspiration of dedication and skill. I adore this quilt. Rita uses alot of the same fabrics that I am drawn to, so I think that adds to her appeal.

Aren't these pillows amazing? I have just discovered Megan from 100% Philistine Made and love all these pillows. I love the consistency of colour that Megan uses and this is something that I want to take from her for my throw.

This final example from Cinnamon Toast Design jumped right out at me. It's so calming. The colourways and fabric choices gel so well and I can imagine one never tiring of a quilt like this.

So, I know what I like and what I'm after. Here's hoping I can achieve it as, due to the size of it, this is going to be a rather substantial project.


Kylie said...

I just love looking at your Orla Kiely wallpaper :) That last quilt is just divine. Good luck with yours Karen - I'm sure it'll be gorgeous. Kx

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I don't want to be funny, but those pillows are exactly like my random cushions that I've been doing for years.

Jo @ life in lists said...

Good luck! I hand pieced a king size quilt top over the summer in (almost) all one colour, and i love the effect. of course, I need to visit my parents' big house in order to actually baste it, but that's another story...